Guide for Two Wheeler Travellers

Travelling tips to two wheeler traveller

By Ranjith J | 09 Oct 2020

Many of us are locked ourselves inside our houses. Not even bother to move out until and unless it is not urgent. It is hard to do and follow but yes, this pandemic brought sadness in the adventure-loving and traveler’s heart. Their broken heart wants to revive again and post lockdown, they want to kick the bike and drift again. They have already made plans for visiting different locations.

Standing dusty bike, rusty parts, broken wires will again be renewed and come in use sooner and give the same attached feeling to a true traveler. But, wait a minute, check out all of these tips before stepping out of your place and ensure to follow these:

Throne of a traveler

Follow the safety measures first to enjoy the fullest of your trip. Wear the helmet whether you have to travel miles or to buy groceries nearby your home. Do not wear for other’s sake, wear for yourself, your life. The helmet is not only a protector but it is a throne of a true traveler.

Carry Documents

Do not forget to carry all the necessary documents of your vehicle wherever you are traveling. Following rules is also a responsibility of a true citizen. All paperwork should be complete and laminated. Say no to due dates. A peaceful mind will give you a pleasant ride.

Service your motorbike

Get your bike serviced on time. Your bike always needs a regular check-up to avoid eleventh-hour discrepancies. Do not ignore Spark plug, clutch plates, brake cables, accelerator, tires, oil levels. Keep a check on all these things and replace them before it damages more. While this check also includes:

The pressure of Tire:

Keep ensuring the smooth rides through the optimum pressure need of tires.


If the roads are bumpy (usually bumpy in India), then the suspension should be proper. Else the pleasant ride could turn out into a nightmare.

Alignment of wheel

Proper alignment gives good control on your bike and allows to the fullest of your trip.

Be ready for heavy rains

Maintain your bike for every weather situation. Sometimes, climate changes without any prior sign. So, your bike should work in heavy rainfall also. Every spare should be new or replaced as per your need.

Fix a budget and glued to it

Keep tracking your budget also, in figures as well as in a literal way also. Segregate your total budget into three sub-division following the ratio of 2:1:1. The followed sequence is fuel, food, and accommodation or as suits to your ride. Cut your extra expenses wherever it is possible. Spent wisely on repairment of bike but do not ignore it.

There is an ultimate experience of traveling by bike. It is one of the pleasureful things one has ever done in his life. It gives you a feeling of freedom and a lot of flexibility. This allows one to explore more in life and discover themselves. Take out time for your extra efforts in traveling. Invest time to travel and find the lesson of life. And an hour of need for services. Just ring at Rammi Auto Tech for every kind of service in different affordable packages.