Impacts on your Automobile because of Covid-19

Lockdown Impacts on Vehicle

By Ranjith J | 09 Oct 2020

The pandemic situation has shown the real “US” in us. This COVID season has changed everything across the world. Now no to leisure trips, not even going out for anything, no to office, no get together, not buying new bikes.

All of these circumstances occurred and has taken all our joyous life. We are doing everything but still, joy is missing. The same goes for our motorbikes also. They are also bored standing at the same place in the same position for so long. They have their own damages inside and outside during this quarantine.

No usage led to many unseen and unobservable issues to our motorcycles. Some are mentioned here in this blog:

Colour Fading

Due to this quarantine period, all automobiles are standing with no usage. Many days have been passed and still count is going on.

The bike is parked at the same place under sunlight. The longer period, the more color fades of the vehicle. It affects the shine of the paint too with diminishing quality.


After a long time, when you want to go out whether it is because of any work or just for fun (fun is not mandatory in this COVID).
Some parts of your bike seem to be very reddish-brown in color with rough particles in texture. This is what we call it as, Rusting.

Various iron parts of your bike become rusty and leave the color on your dress. This is all due to non-maintenance of your bike from a long time of interval.

Layers of Dust

Because quarantine is going on and nobody is going out of their houses. You are also not taking care of your bike because obviously, your life is more important than your bike maintenance but mind it, later it will cost you very much.

Even the thick or thin layer of dust is also damaging your vehicle. It works as a slow poison for the health of your bike.

So, avoid laziness and keep cleaning your bike at least at your home.

Weak Wires

The best quality of wires also get affected by its no motion. It simply explains that wires should be in working else it weakens the quality of wire and make it perishable.

Sometimes, if you start and the more triggered wire could break. So servicing is always mandatory for a longer life of the bike.

Lockdown is going on but we have to keep in mind that other things keep working or after many months everything will be reparable and cost consuming.

No Ignition

Avoid the standstill of your vehicle in the parking area. Just keep checking your vehicle whether it working in the same way or not.

If you are observing any issue, just the good mechanic without delay. Try to take one or two rounds to test in a simpler way.

If you are a lazy lad or workaholic and working from home, then definitely you should visit recommended service centers at the regular interval of time.

The gist of this blog is to make you understand that the health of your bike is as important as your health. Ignorance can lead it to costlier in many other ways.

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Happy Servicing!