Tips to Keep your Vehicle Healthy.

Lockdown Impacts on Vehicle

By Ranjith J | 09 Oct 2020

Like all other daily basic routines, our regular health check-up is also important. The same way goes for our automobiles and two-wheeler also. Regular Maintenance is always required and it is a need of the hour because of the broken roads and too much pollution.

Ignoring the well being of your vehicle would be dangerous that lead to frequent breakdowns, poor performance, instant blockage, and effect on road worthiness. All of these risks your own safety.

But gratefully, no need to panic as you are following a maintenance schedule. This schedule will allow your bike to be reliable all the time with an attractive look always. Those key tips for maintenance are:

Regular Service:

You can follow the two wheeler’s manual ‘T’ when you have to visit the main service center for regular visits. Mention even the smallest problems if you are facing or observing. Clearly tell every issue about your two-wheeler and ask them to repair or change. If anything is replaced, ask them to return the old part to you. Try to be physically present when replacement is going on.

Signs of Wrinkle:

After a certain period of time, your bike will start getting older. Ensure more frequent visits to visual inspection for regular services. Keep noticing any change in bike riding performances like strange noises, breakage of any wire, scratches, if your bike needs denting and painting. Do not avoid any issue you are noticing, immediately visit the service center for a check-up. Keep an eye on the friction of the tire whether break has good control on tires or not. If you find it low or poor, then replace it with a new part. If any switch is not working or making different sounds, then do not for that to damage totally. Just avoid being lazy and visit the mechanic of the relevant service center and change the part as the whole.

Filler cap and ignition key are the most common part that loses its control. So, just keep tracking every part and its functions. Do not avoid the blurry mirror, it may cause an accident and could be very dangerous.

The Riding Tunes:

The usage pattern plays a very important role in bike maintenance. The riding style depends on the capabilities and its character. When you are regularly using out the maximum capacity of your bike for an extended period of time, most of its constituents go off early due to overheating. So, ride safely and wisely. Do not overuse unnecessarily.

Timely Fluids Replacements:

Imagine if your throat becomes itchy or if your body becomes lifeless when it is dehydrated. The same way your bike becomes when it runs slow but it could be again revitalized by essential fuelling it with certain fluids for smoother operation. Replace essential oils of the bike on time, that includes Brake Oil, Engine Oil, coolant, and many others. Be extra careful and cautious a little before the recommended time. Going late will be not good for sure, it increases the same problem to the next levels. You can observe the low efficiency of the working bike with very poor performance. Always stick to the recommended temperature, viscosity, and the grade of each material. Use the de-grease and lubricants within the regular interval of time. Avoid the addition of any random oils just stick to specific grade materials for the long life of your vehicle.