We are BOSCH Authorized service center with 15K+ happy customers

What We Do

At Rammi Auto we understand the conundrum automobile owners face - having to choose between an off-brand service provider whom they don’t fully trust, or opting for the branded service provider with over-the-top service billings. That’s where Rammi auto tech comes into play, a one click solution to all vehicle problems!

There is an overwhelming demand for integration of intelligent and automated computer systems, a customer-centric intelligent digital platform is the need of the hour and Rammi auto tech is the answer. We strive to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Rammi prides itself on the wealth of knowledge accumulated over the years working with customers to ensure they have the best experience, and thanks to Rammi’s passionate team of individuals, both in the service and the tech domains, Rammi has acquired a loyal customer base. Their valuable feedback and suggestions have fueled the mobile app.

Rammi Auto comes from humble beginnings, but has always put good customer experience at the very core of its operations. Always quick to build technical solutions to overcome various bottlenecks, Rammi believes in intelligent, automated, fault-free, and quick fixes within the service process which has led to its astounding growth in the last decade.

Rammi Auto started out as a standalone franchise associated with the Bosch Automotive Services. We embrace the Bosch philosophy of procurement of authentic spare parts through the supply chain and follow their set of standard operating procedures to regulate and optimize the service process. Looking for top tire service coupled with a customer-friendly experience? Rammi has got your back.

Why Partner with Rammi Auto Tech!

50K+ Services & 15K+ Customers.

Rammi Auto Tech serves it clients the happiness by its services. We provide the top-class bike services to our customers. We build the trust based on our quality services.


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